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5 Apps that Freshen Participation at Your Meetings
11People attending a Congress
Mar 24, 2015 by Tia Crawford
New apps are emerging every single day; some of them are game-changers, and some of them are time-wasters. Meeting Planners need apps that will perform, and they don’t necessarily have the time to hunt around for options. The following five apps are making a positive difference for Meeting Planners as well as facilitating a better overall experience for meeting attendees!   Speecheo – Know your attendees better while making them smarter. What it does Crowned as the winner o...
Smarter Ways to Use Smart Technology at Events
Mar 19, 2015 by Karen Daniels
Technology is getting smarter. We now have everything from smart phones and smart wearables, to smart medicine, houses and cars. And since a big part of the “smart” in smart technology is about creating a more personalized experience, it makes sense that as technology develops beyond what we can imagine today, we should take advantage of that ability to respond in more personal ways with attendees and become more savvy about how we integrate smart technology into events and trade shows. P...
5 Crucial Benefits of Lead Retrieval Technology
Mar 17, 2015 by Tia Crawford
For any business, customer relationship management is one of the most important goals—both to create new customers and to strengthen the relationships with existing patrons. Business events need to pull in visitors, but most importantly, they need to CONVERT visitors—moving them deeper into the sales funnel. Events are a perfect opportunity to create awareness of a company’s products and services, as well as the right time to reinforce our familiarity with our target audience and their wan...
How to Create a Top 10 Trade Show Booth
Tech Lounge Part 3 pic
Mar 12, 2015 by Karen Daniels
We’ve all been to trade shows where we walked by countless booths without being tempted to stop, or even slow down. With all the technology and information we have today, it’s surprising that so many businesses still rent exhibitor space and then put so little effort into creating a stand-out booth. Here is how many businesses seem to follow this same tired 3-step routine: they put up last year’s poster or graphics they set up a table with some hand-outs, a bowl of candy, and an e...
Tips and Technology that Increase the Fun Factor at Events
Mar 10, 2015 by Tia Crawford
Corporate events have specific goals. Event Planners, organizers and sponsors are constantly measuring and analyzing elements such as attendee information, demographics, workstation traffic, sales conversions, document requests and downloads, feedback, questionnaires, and—above all—RETURN on INVESTMENT. However, one of the most important elements of an event is one of the most difficult to predict, and track—how FUN is your event? After an event is over, guest feedback can give you a be...
Registration Tactics that Get Results
Mar 05, 2015 by Tia Crawford
Using the 5 “W’s” of Information Gathering to Craft Better Event Registration Business events rely upon ATTENDANCE! Without a bustling group of attendees, an event can become a misuse of time and money. For trade shows, conferences, meetings, training sessions, fundraising events, and other business or non-profit events, registration holds the key—sometimes literally—to guest services, as well as the key to Event Managers’ reporting. Starting off on the right foot is important ...
5 Crucial Tips for Powerful Presentations
Mar 03, 2015 by Karen Daniels
Whenever you have the opportunity to give a presentation, whether you’re at a trade show or corporate event, it’s important to recognize that preparing yourself properly can make the difference between generating dozens of new customers and having everyone who attended your talk feel as if they could have spent that hour in a better way. So, if you’re given the opportunity to stand in front of an audience, don’t take it lightly. And a little investment in preparation time can go a lon...
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